26 Mar

Does IT have a strategic seat at the table?

Some people think of (IT) as the guys tucked away in the back they call when their PC freezes or needs a password reset.
Some organizations have IT at the table, but it's only to give them marching orders to fix something or provide rudimentary advice.
Having IT with a strategic seat at the table means technology is being used to drive the company's direction. They guide how all employees can work smarter—for example, adding automation to areas that free up resources to work on more billable work or client-facing activities.
They can figure out how to get new customers onboarded without a manual form that gets passed around to multiple departments to enter separate databases. 
Technology is constantly evolving, which means if your company plans on staying competitive,  focusing on technology should be a top priority.

Do you have the right resources?
Larger companies have CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) focused on leading company-wide digital transformations. They help identify areas where value can be created by leveraging new technologies throughout the entire organization.
They play a central role in motivating and aligning teams to embrace these new initiatives. Staying on top of enhancements to products and providing ongoing training helps provide the userbase with the tools they need to succeed and keep the company on track with its mission.

Rethink your IT strategy

If your company isn't lucky enough to have an in-house CTO to stay on top of your IT strategy, contracting a third-party consultant might be a smart move. Many SMBs use third parties to manage their typical IT-managed services, which equates to the guys tucked away in the back. However, is this provider giving you the guidance you need to move your company through the digital transformation that all businesses will need to do to survive?
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