23 Mar

A new client recently asked about the top mistakes companies make when implementing a new solution. While every implementation varies in scope and complexity, making these three mistakes will get you in trouble every time.

Lack of testing I hear things like: “We will figure it out as we go” or “It looks simple enough.” This phase is the crucial time of the project to see if the solution can solve the pain points you’re looking to solve. You can test your most important use cases to make sure you get the results you are expecting. Waiting until you start using the product is too late.

You are duplicating the old ways of doing things. Implementing a new solution is your opportunity to take advantage of new technology and an opportunity to streamline your current processes. Indeed, some things must flow a certain way to get the job done, but you’re switching solutions for a reason. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Lack of training People generally do not like change. Changing the way they do their jobs certainly can pose a challenge. However, if you do not provide enough proper training, you leave your employees to figure things out independently. Employees can become frustrated with the new system because it doesn’t “work” or takes longer than before. This frustration could be the result of they just don’t know how the new system works. The other bi-product will be they make up their own ways of doing things. You may end up with different people using the system differently, leading to confusion of existing and new hires.  For a rowboat to move forward, all oars need to work in tandem. 

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