28 Jul

Believe it or not, the end of the year is quickly approaching. So if you plan to implement new software into your organization, now is the time to start. Things are typically slower in the summer; however, people take time off for vacation, which may add to the challenge. But if you think about it, you will be back in full swing in September, and the holiday season is only a couple of months away.

You are ahead of the game if you've already started the process. But for those who haven't started, what should you do next?

  1. Define your budget. Have a good idea of how much you are willing to spend.
  2. Talk with your team and understand your goals and what problems you are trying to solve.

So what now? What should you be prepared for? Investing in a significant change in your business can seem daunting and overwhelming. For example, it is even more overwhelming when choosing an inventory management solution as there are many options. Therefore, you should be prepared to discuss your needs and wants with an expert in that area. The company you choose to support you through this transition is as important as the timing of your implementation to your success. 

I've seen many companies select a solution because they 'heard' it was good. But unfortunately, they didn't do their due diligence to ensure it was the right solution for their organization. So now they are struggling with it or have decided to start the process all over again. Both of which aren't good for morale or financially. 

If you find yourself in this boat, feel free to contact me, and I can help you through the process. I can be reached via www.djs-digital.com or directly at david.singletary@djs-digital.com.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. 

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