29 Sep

Roseland, NJ – DJS Digital LLC, with 17 years of extensive experience in the furniture retail software industry, is thrilled to announce its recent partnership with Ordorite Software. This exciting alliance promises to merge the best of both worlds, offering software solutions for the global furniture and bedding retail sector.

Ordorite Software, a brainchild of visionary CEO Stephen Connolly since 2006, has been at the forefront of delivering innovative end-to-end management software solutions. The primary aim of Ordorite has always been to ensure that furniture, bedding, and related retailers can holistically manage every facet of their business seamlessly.

"We've always been about innovation and ensuring our customers have access to cutting-edge technology," says Stephen Connolly, CEO of Ordorite Software. "Partnering with DJS Digital was a logical step in expanding our offering, enhancing our capabilities, and providing even more value to our clients."

With a remarkable footprint spanning offices in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Canada, Ordorite Software has evolved as a global leader in retail management software. Its wide-ranging clientele encompasses retailers of every size, from single boutique stores to expansive multi-store chains, serving customers across the globe.

The synergy between DJS Digital's experience in furniture retail software and Ordorite's commitment to tech-driven innovation makes this partnership a powerhouse combination. Together, the collaboration will further the mission of delivering superior software solutions that stand the test of rapid industry changes.

"Ordorite's values, vision, and commitment align perfectly with ours," says David Singletary, CEO/Founder of DJS Digital. "With this partnership, we are looking forward to reaching new horizons and setting even higher benchmarks in the industry."

Both companies are excited to embark on this journey of implementing unparalleled retail solutions. Current and potential clients can expect enhanced features, improved user experience, and pioneering technologies that will revolutionize how they operate and grow their businesses.

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